Record “Snake with surprise” Geny BARRY & amp; DANIEL CROS “Snake with surprise” it is full of vitality and good swing that has all the elements of a jazz album. The strength and skill of Geni Barry who was responsible for the musical direction reinforces the charisma of Daniel Cros, that reveals a new facet as crooner to provide together an exquisite jazz session. geni1
ganitrio Record “I want to talk about you” with Albert Bover and Horacio FUMEROGENI BARRY TRIO in trio formation with Albert Bover and Horacio Fumero piano bass. Recorded live with 9 tracks. 2 microphones for the piano, 2 vibraphone, marimba for 2 microphones, 1 microphone and line for bass, plus 1 microphone environment for the pan. Curiously the vifráfono and marimba were together and the effects of moving from one instrument to another are immediate. Jazz Cava Terrassa.Editado by Fresh Sound (Swing Alley, international division) on behalf Geni Barry Trio.
Record “Giant Steep” Geni Barry and a quintet. Published by the Taller of Musics of Barcelona. giantssteps
yesorno Record “Yes Or No” Edited by Blue Moon Jazz (International Division) in its own name and a quintet.
Record “A Touho of Jazz” José Garber and Xavier Garriga. (participation: Geni Barry: vibraphone). Recording “in Spain Geni Barry Jazz Quartet” for BBC1 Madrid. atouchJazz
geny2 Record “I Want to Talk About You” A trio formation with Albert Bover and Horacio Fumero piano bass. 12/05/2007 Recorded live Jazz Cava Terrassa. More than 15 years documenting the present and future of jazz.
Record “TV3″ Duo Geni Barry (vibraphone) and Albert Bover (piano). Filmed and recorded in Jamboree (Barcelona) in late 2011. The result of close collaboration by various stages, we offer works by Mompou, Monk, Shorter and Montoliu. Geni Barry Quartet. Geni Barry: vibraphone and marimba, Joan Moné: piano, Jordi Gaspar: bass, David Gomez battery. Own songs recorded in studio ‘Nomad’, summer 2012 and broadcast regularly on TV3 and TV33.

Record “TVE 1″ Madrid. Geni Barry Quartet. Geni Barry: vibraphone, Germán Kucich: piano, Pedro Martín: bass, Carlos Gonzáles: drums. Performance and shoot of the group in ‘Clamores’ for six days. Recording and filming in ‘Galileo Galilei’ at the end of 1999 and presented by TVE 1 in 2000.